The map you see above is interactive. The red 'pulse' symbols on the map indicate the location of each PIRG in Canada. Click on the icon for more information and links to that specific group.

You can also click on one of the links below to go directly to that pirg's website. These are ordered by province, from West to East.


Design: Craig Campbell
Maintenance: Craig Campbell

c/o: APIRG is an intiative to connect Public Interest Research Groups across the Great White North (aka Canada).’s primary goal is to act as a hub that links to all the pirgs in Canada.

The second phase of will be to share knowledge and resources and to act as a locale for pirgs to communicate ideas with one another.


If you are connected to a PIRG, we are interested in your feedback on this project.

Please contact the Alberta Public Interest Research Group for more information.




"You don't have to be Karl Marx to know that's a bum fucking deal for the rest of the world"

(A. Hoffman "Wake Up America!")